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name: mica burton

birthday: july 8th!!

birthplace: los angeles! duhh!

current location: same place

eye color: brown... like a dark coffee color

hair color: darkish, brownish

height: 5 ft, 6... i think

right handed or left handed: righty

your heritage: christian?? black?? what do i put here?!

the shoes you wore today: steve madden boots!

your weakness: running... a lot!!

your fears: spiders!! shots, pain, really random stuff that no one would ever think would happen, broken hearts

your perfect pizza: onions, sausage, pepperoni!!

goal you would like to achieve this year: hmmmmm.... thats a toughy!!! probably... to finish my dream room!!

your most overused phrase on an instant messenger: FAIL!

thoughts first waking up: school... kill me

your best physical feature: my eyes?

your bedtime: 9 o’clock during the week... but weekends and summer... never!!

your most missed memory: my 13 b-day party, all my archer theatre productions, ALL exotic vacations or all concerts

pepsi or coke: coke!! (with lime)

macdonalds or burger king: ewwww none! (in and out pones both of those!!)

single or group dates: single

lipton ice tea or nestea: lipton

chocolate or vanilla: chocolate ice cream 2 match a chocolate girl!! (lol)

cappuccino or coffee: iced caramel macchiato!!!!!! (weeee)

do you sing: love it!! i sing all the time!!!

have you been in love: im in love..... WITH A VAMPIRE! JK

do you want to go to college: psh yeaa

do you want to get married: yup!

do you believe in yourself: depends on the time of day... but mostly yes!!

do you think you are attractive: is this a trick question?!

are you a health freak: not reeely

do you get along with your parents: ok... whats with these trick questions?!

do you like thunderstorms: YES! cuz Edward comes out to play!

do you play an instrument: piano & guitar

what do you want to be when you grow up: graphic arts designer/ fashion designer/ photographer!! or singer or actress (or a vampire)

what country would you most like to visit: australia!!! (or Voltera, Italy)

do you smoke: NO WAY!!

do you swear: maaaybe.... ;-)

do you shower daily: DUH

do you get motion sickness: i hope not!!

have you had alcohol: Well... a Piña Colada in Jamaica... but it was an accident!!

have you smoked: NOOOOOOOOOOO

have you been on drugs: OMG NOOOOOOOO!!!!

have you gone on a date: yup

have you eaten a box of Oreos: not a FULL box ;-)

have you eaten sushi: HECK TO THE YESSS

have you been on stage: yes an looooved ittt!!!

have you gone skinny dipping: lol nooo

ever been drunk: ive been intoxicated by Edward Cullen... does that count?

ever been called a tease: i hope not....

ever been beaten up: nooopeeee!!

ever shoplifted: dude.... NO!!

how do you want to die: I wont ever die because Edward will turn me into a vampire.